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A wide range of hardware for the DIY self build conversion

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Fixtures and Fittings

W-BM110 - 6mm Pronged Tee Nut

Used for bolting into wood

6mm Pronged Tee Nut

21550109 - Furniture Bolt

with straight slide, surface mounted, spring loaded, plastic/metal (brown)

Furniture Bolt

Mini Corner Block

with trim cap


Mini Corner Block

Corner Block

with trim cap



Corner Block

W-BA263 - Plastic Jointing Blocks

Plastic Jointing Block

2048 - Rocker Catch with Small Plate


Rocker Catch

01-137870 - Turnbuckle Set


Turnbuckle Set

W-FB731 - Wardrobe cup type bracket


Wardrobe Cup type Bracket

W-FB732 - Wardrobe Rail Holders


Wardrobe Rail Holders

0215 - 'Rolla' Catch

Complete with keep

Rolla Catch

1960 - 'Viva' type Door Holder


Viva type Door Holder

924067 - Nylon door retainer


Nylon Door Retainer

3000 - Small Right Angle Bracket


Small Right Angle Bracket

3500 - Medium Right Angle Bracket


Medium Right Angle Bracket

Hinges & Stays

01-137868 - Nylon Hinge


35195914 - Flat Hinge

Zinc Plated, electro brass, 50mm


52300 - Reimo Furniture Hinge


35196910 - Crank Flush Hinge (heavy duty)

zinc plated, florentine bronzed or electro brass

per pair

per 10 pack

32215542 - Kitchen Style Clip-on Hinge

110 angle, screw fixing

per pair

Per 10 pack

Cranked flush hinge

florentine bronze or electro brass

per pair

per 10 pack


31701425 - Economiser 92 degree standard hinge

Keyhole fixing, 26mm cup, sprung, 15 crank, bronze

per pair

per 10 pack

Spring Lid Stay




36640776 - Nickel Plated lid stays

Left or right

35121007 - 1.8 metre electro plate piano hinge


Hinged Spring Brackets

Suitable for extending table and worktops, for vertical installation. Load carrying capacity 40kg per pair

28741906 250 x 85mm

28741915 380 x 120mm

Hose Clips

Zinc Plated Hose Clips

Sold per pair


Stainless Steel Hose Clips

Sold per pair


P Clips

P Clips in black plastic

Sold per 10


Small Vents

0809 - Plastic Hexagon Vent



Plastic Hexagon Vent

01-100330 - OD Round Vent with tail


Round Vent with Tail

01-8040 - OD Round Vent with tail

80mm White


Round Vent with Tail

Round plastic push in vent



Round Plastic push in Vent

5140 - Internal Side Wall Vent with Slider

Aperture size 170mm

Overall size 200mm

Internal Side wall vent with slider

Internal side wall vent with slider

0030 - Gas drop out floor vent
  • 2 parts
  • Tube length 50mm
  • Tube diameter 30mm
  • flange diameter 55mm

Handles, Knobs and Catches

117400385 - Stainless Steel D Handle 5 Pk

128mm to hole centres


D handle

H-234 - Nickel finish dimple handle

Stainless Steel, L420 x D370


10697363 - Beech & Nickel Bow Handle

Bow handle, 128mm hole centres, 241mm length. Matt nickel zinc alloy with clear lacquered wooden (beech) insert



Push button door catch (regular)

Available in Nickel or Gold


Push Catches

Push button door catch (mini)

mini push catches

Toilet catch push button


Toilet door catch with rod system



01-137822 - Mini Auto Latch


196000316 - Beech wooden knob 5 Pk

With zinc alloy base and centre


01-137857 - Double Roller Catch


Double Roller Catch





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